Mobile App Development Process

The first step when developing your app starts with the foundation of the initial concept: A successful application needs a solid foundation. What does your application need to do? Does it need to connect to a database? Does it require internet access? These are all examples of pivotal points to consider when laying out the applications foundation.

Once a solid foundation is laid out, we begin structuring the data into visual representations for you to review. This includes a data hierarchy and flow charts, as well as what each screen will look like for the end users.

After the approval of the data structure and graphical interface, we begin the actual development work. This is where we apply the designs into functioning features, and is usually the longer part of the entire process.

Once a stable version is built and ready, we begin the testing phase. This is where you can provide a list of people (they can be clients, a handful of select end-users, friends, etc.) that will be testing the application across supported devices. Any bugs or issues are reported directly to our development team and are repaired as needed.

After you submit the final approval, we submit the application to the public to be downloaded (Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store). Once the application is live, we fully support the app regarding operating system updates to make sure the app can be supported into the future.

Quality Assurance Testing

The final phase of the app development process is the testing phase. This is where we gather a list of testers either from you and/or testers that we have and test the app for stability and bugs. If any issues are found, constant updates will be pushed out to the testers to ensure there are no stability issues or bugs when the we launch the app to the app store.

Szady Designs strives for the quality you deserve. We will not publish an app with issues or bugs. You can be assured that your app will be polished and pristine when it hits the app store.


Operating system updates are inevitable. As developers we are made aware in advance of any and all operating system updates that are going to happen. Rest assured, we will make sure your app is compatible with any future updates pushed out by Apple and/or Android.

If there are any compatibility issues while making sure your app works with future operating system updates, you will be notified as soon as possible so we can determine the best solution moving forward.

Quality is our standard.