What happens when you Google yourself, or use any major search engine? Does your website show up? If your listing appears beyond the first one or two pages, you're in the no man's land of online search. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can not only help carry you back to civilization but also put your business directly in front of the clients you want.

SEO is not a one-time solution. SEO maintenance is the most essential process for a successful search engine optimization. After your website is successfully listed for targeted keywords, we have to ensure that it will always appear at the highest position possible.

SEO Process
Initial Website Analysis

As a part of the search engine optimization process we first analyze your website and determine what keywords you want to place with. We will analyze where your competitors are currently ranked for the same keywords and also determine how many competitors you have.

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves identifying a group of keywords or phrases that will be used for placing in search engines. This step is critical and requires time to find a good set of keywords and phrases that offer a balanced combination of two important factors: high usage and relatively low competition.

Optimizing Pages & Content

It is the content of the page that is indexed on search engines and is what people are searching for. We focus on content optimization to make it search engine and human friendly.

Link Popularity

Each new, quality link to your site increases the likelihood of both the search engines’ crawlers running across your site as well as searchers looking for services or products like yours. Google processes links to your site as votes for your site and rewards your site accordingly. Google’s Webmaster Tools provides information regarding the inbound links to your site. We will consult with you on ways to build your online reach.

Social Media

With social media and the SEO process, we help establish a social media presence and consult with you on how best to use those social media profiles to share site content and connect with customers and potential customers.

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