Szady Designs excels in creating and designing custom web applications ranging from a custom database to a full service suite. Whether your business needs a custom login system for your clients or a personalized database for your team, we can handle it. All of our web applications are created as user friendly as possible while optimizing the code to run as smooth as possible behind the scenes.

Szady Designs Website Design
Custom Web Applications

Our web applications are developed around your specific need and not from a template. You will receive a fully tested, eye appealing web application that will work anywhere you have internet, regardless of the device you utilize.

Szady Designs Website Redesign

The web applications we create will never let you down. We see those poorly designed web applications available on the web and wonder why or how they even exist. We put the time and effort required to deliver a quality application and strive to be the best.

Szady Designs Responsive Design

Cyber security is a major threat in today's society, including code injection. Szady Designs web applications are created from the ground up with the most secure and up-to-date techniques. We understand the vulnerabilities relating to website and coding which means we stay up-to-date on the latest technology to prevent cyber attacks and code injections. We require an SSL certificate for any web application we create requiring a user to submit personal information, such as log in information.

Szady Designs Mobile Friendly Design

The scope for our web applications are endless. It does not matter if you need a simple login system for a small business, or a custom system designed to handle thousands of users. The web applications that we create are capable of anything.

Szady Designs Custom Programming

We fully understand that you have bills to pay and a business to run. Our goal is to help your business grow to its full potential, not squeeze your wallet. You can count on Szady Designs to not be greedy and we will beat any other estimate you have received.

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